Crews called to rescue tubers stuck on Medina River

Group was tubing in fast-moving waters near Salas Family Park

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – Bexar County swift-water rescue teams were called into action to save four people who found themselves stuck in the Medina River.

"I think the current overtook them and they fell out of their inner tubes, and they just found some trees to hang onto," Somerset Volunteer Fire Department Chief Eddie Dugosh said.

The group was tubing in the fast-moving waters near Salas Family Park in southwest Bexar County when they lost their inner tubes just before 6 p.m.

Rescue teams with the Somerset Volunteer Fire Department first tried to swim to the victims but couldn't fight the fast currents, so the department used boats to rescue the trapped tubers.

Dugosh said even though the area hasn't had rain in a few days, local waterways can still be dangerous, and he advises against tubing.

"I know they have fun doing it, but they're going to get in trouble. So they really need to kind of stay out of the water until it gets down to a reasonable speed that you can recreation in and have some fun again," Dugosh said.

The rescued swimmers were in their late teens and mid-20s. None of them were injured.