Olmos Park sprays for mosquitoes

Spray only kills bugs with West Nile virus, not Zika

OLMOS PARK, Texas – As far as the threat of Zika virus in San Antonio, there is some good news.

The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District reported no new Zika cases here this week.

The total count of confirmed Zika cases in San Antonio remains at seven with all cases acquiring the infection while traveling abroad.

Test results from 49 individuals came back negative from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

However, Metro Health officials said there are a total of 16 individuals under investigation for possible infection.

And with all the recent rains, Olmos Park Resident Mike Finelli said he definitely feels the impact of mosquitoes this summer.

"We spray mosquito repellent on our bodies before we go outside," said Finelli. "Even when we go to check the mail, we get attacked by mosquitoes."

On Thursday night, there were a number of families at Olmos Park, spraying down before spending time outdoors, something the Texas Department of State Health Services recommends.

The city of Olmos Park also sprayed or "fogged" the entire city.

Finelli said it couldn't happen any sooner.

"We would like it because we have a lot of bugs at our house," said Finelli. "As we walk outside, we get attacked by mosquitos. I think it would be a good thing."

"This year since we've been getting twice the amount of rain that we normally get, you know mosquitoes, it's a lot more than normal," said Rachel Nguyen, Olmos Park resident.

The Texas Department of State Health Services said when it comes to "fogging" areas that only works when combating the West Nile virus.

Health Services said the species that carries Zika tend to live right around people's houses. So, it's still a good idea to drain any standing water around your home.

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