Thieves break into about 10 cars in Boerne, are caught on video

Police are still looking for the criminals, who have not yet been arrested

BOERNE, Texas – Boerne police are looking for the people they say broke into around 10 cars. The band of thieves didn't have to do a whole lot of dirty work. Police say a lot of these crimes could have been prevented if people did one thing: lock their car doors.

Monday morning, Jose Luna woke up to a surprise.

"I noticed that my truck was slightly open around 7:30 this morning when I came outside to get in. Everything inside, paperwork was all over the place. So I just got on the camera on my phone actually and found it was about 3:45 this morning that they got in," he said.

He showed KSAT the video his personal surveillance cameras had captured. It shows a young man opening Luna's truck door, and searching around. He found nothing valuable, so he made his way to Luna's wife's car, which was locked. Then he continued down the street. 

"My neighbor -- they took some stuff, from him. They took an iPad and some other electronics that they had in their car," Luna said.

That neighbor gave police a picture of another one of the alleged thieves breaking into his car. Luna said there are three theives: two men and one woman, all in their late teens or early 20s. 

Boerne police said the trio got into about 10 cars the neighborhoods of Boerne Heights and the Woods of Fredrick Creek.

As part of the investigation, Boerne police investigated all Monday, figuring out what had been stolen, and checking some of the victims' vehicles for fingerprints. 

Lt. Steve Perez said the majority of the vehicles targeted were unlocked.

"It's just a quiet neighborhood and we all know each other. It's a really nice neighborhood. We never thought this would happen here," Luna said.

"No matter where you live, no matter how big or small the town you live in is, lock your doors. Take your valuables with you. Keep them inside," Perez said.

Luna told KSAT this has happened two or three times in the last year and a half in his neighborhood, so he hopes the people responsible are caught soon.

Anyone who recognizes the people in the surveillance video and pictures is asked to call Boerne police at (830) 249-8645.

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