KSAT travels with Border Patrol during rescue mission training

70 undocumented immigrants have died since October illegally crossing border

FALFURRIAS, Texas – Stranded in the Deep South Texas heat, immigrants find themselves at the mercy of their surroundings.

"Obviously, you can see, you don't have to have medical training in order to tell that he's exhausted," Chris Seiler said.

Seiler is the agent in charge of Border Patrol’s Special Operations Detachment.

Through the hot and humid weather and steep terrain an immigrants journey can last for days or even weeks.

Luckily for the man this was just a training. Border Patrol wanted to demonstrate how easy it is for someone to get lost in the heavy brush when they get disoriented.

"As you can see there’s no real landmarks. There’s no mountains. There’s nothing around here. It's part of the Fal (Falfurrias) terrain – there is nothing to guide off,” Seiler said.

The man is carried away and put on a helicopter to be sent for treatment.

Border Patrol said many of the people found in need of treatment, or worse, were given little information by the smuggler who dropped them off.

"They are moved from stash house to stash house. The smuggler will take them and drop them off on a road and say ‘Start walking north for four hours,’” Seiler said. “Usually they'll give them minimum water and minimal food."

A dangerous trek, Border Patrol,says isn’t worth the high risk.