SAPD says it's prepared for Trump visit, expecting no issues

Donald Trump to fundraise in San Antonio Friday

SAN ANTONIO – Donald Trump will be making his way to San Antonio on Friday to fundraise for his presidential campaign.

Though San Antonio Police Chief William McManus is expecting some protesting, he said he is not expecting any major issues during Trump’s visit.

In recent weeks several Trump campaign stops have turned violent with fighting between supporters of the presumptive GOP candidate for president and anti-Trump protesters.

"I don't believe that our San Antonio folks are going to mimic what went on in other parts of the country. That’s not what we do,” McManus said. “That's not what we've done here so I have faith in our community to protest and protest peacefully."

Trump is schedule to speak at a private function at the Oak Hills Country Club.

McManus said the department will work with the Secret Service in a support role.

The chief also said he has been in contact with organizers of an anti-Trump group and he said he was assured their protests will be peaceful.