Family, DA meet regarding 1992 murder

Erica Espinoza's mother: ‘I wanted someone that would listen'

SAN ANTONIO – The family of Erica Espinoza, who was murdered in 1992, met Tuesday with District Attorney Nico LaHood, in hopes he will re-open her case.

Her mother, Margaret Espinoza, a founding member of the local chapter of Parents of Murdered Children, said the DA told them, “I won’t promise, but I will look into it. I’ll let you know. I will be honest with you.”

Tony Espinoza, the victim’s brother, said, “He treated us like we were the victims which we are and like Erica was more than just a number.”

His sister was killed after four teenagers shot up the wrong house, but only one, Scott Navarro, was convicted, serving less than five years of a 20-year sentence.

Espinoza’s brother said the DA acknowledged it’s been 24 years, but even so, “The man has a good heart. I trust my feeling and I believe he’s going to do what’s right.”

He said the meeting went better than he expected going in.

“It was promising. I felt good. I felt we weren’t being brushed off or he didn’t care,” he said.

The DA’s office asked to meet with the Espinoza’s this week, after KSAT 12 NEWS re-visited the story with the family last month.

Her brother said, “He says he will do everything in his power to see what he can find for us, to bring us justice and close this chapter of our life.”

Erica’s mother said even if LaHood is unable to find enough to re-open the case, she trusts he will do everything possible on their behalf.

She said, “I wanted someone that would listen and to tell us, ‘I’ll try.’”