Volunteers hit streets in force to fight crime in NE Bexar County

Cellular on Patrol partners with Bexar County Sheriff's Office

SAN ANTONIO – A group of crime fighters hit the streets of northeast Bexar County on Wednesday morning. 


While they didn't have badges or guns, they were armed with cellphones, ready to report any trouble they might see.


"We're out looking for any suspicious activity. Whether it's people looking into cars or trying to get into homes," said Renee Herndon, a member of Cellular on Patrol.  


COP works in conjunction with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office. The citizen crime fighters offer an extra set of eyes and ears for deputies. On Wednesday, they launched what the Sheriff's Office calls a COP blitz, which focuses on daytime crime in the Millers Ridge subdivision.


"The deputies can't be everywhere, and it's our neighborhoods. If you want your neighborhood to be safe, you need to do something, you need to be active," Herndon said.


It turns out deputies weren't too far away during this effort. They also made their presence known, driving around and stopping to talk with residents about their concerns.


"I'm very pleased. It's very nice that they are patrolling this area," said Margarita Martinez-Alvarez, a resident who spoke with a deputy.  "He just said that if we need something, he's going to be passing here more often."


Johnny Pacheco knows well what can happen when no one is watching. He became a burglary victim a few years ago.


I came home from work one day after a 10-hour shift. Front door was kicked in," he said. "I mean, what can you do? You can't stop crime."


The group hopes that it can at least help to prevent some crime. Herndon said she has seen signs that her efforts are working.


"We've had people that see us come by and get in their car and drive off real quick," she said.


According to the Sheriff's Office, a COP blitz typically is held at night, and usually with no prior announcement to the neighborhood.  This time, the goal was to target daytime crime.

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