DA's Office announces new unit to investigate offices accused of crimes

Law Enforcement Integrity Unit handles cases involving officers

SAN ANTONIO – Cases involving law enforcement officers accused of a crime often draw considerable critical attention.

In view of that, Bexar County District Attorney Nicholas “Nico” La Hood has set up a unit that will deal exclusively with cases in which law enforcement officers are accused of a crime.

“I want to make sure that the community knows that in this office we are laser focused on justice,” La Hood said as he announced the establishment of the Law Enforcement Integrity Unit Thursday.

He explained that the unit will follow up on cases filed with his office by area law enforcement agencies.

“I’m not going to send someone to the gallows, so to speak,” La Hood said. “People’s perception is: This person should be held accountable.”

“But I’m also not going to try to exonerate someone just because they’re a law enforcement officer,” he added.

The unit will handle all cases involving law enforcement officers and agencies.

“Anything from official oppression to DWI, to domestic violence to officer-involved shootings to excessive use of force which would be an assault,” La Hood said.

Veteran San Antonio defense attorney Jay Norton will head the unit.

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