Missing cat found at neighbor's house 2 years later

Both parties obtained lawyers for custody

A cat that went missing in 2013 has been discovered living in a family home down the block from its original owner, UPI reports.


Original owner Nichole Milone said she listed 8-year-old Joey on the microchip location site Pet Key in September 2013. In April 2016, Milone was shocked to discover Joey had been living with another couple who had found him when he first went missing.


The couple decided to take the cat in after not being able to locate his owner, despite the microchip.


Milone is attempting to get Joey back, but his new owners refuse to let the cat go.


"I have a cat that has a chip and I can't get it back. So what's the point of the chip?" Milone said. "I'm not furious. I'm not mad at them. I think it's sad how they are handling the situation. I feel the same way that they did. He was part of my family."


Both Milone and Joey's new owners have hired lawyers to control custody of him.