Motorcyclist tumbles after encountering highway debris

Man escaped with minor injuries

A Minnesota man narrowly escaped catastrophe after he encountered an object that came lose from a boat being towed on the highway.


Local television station, KMSP, reports Brendan Jankowski, 20, was riding his bike home when a floating foam pad attached to a towed boat came lose and forced him to swerve. Unfortunately, Jankowski wasn't able to avoid the object and crashed.


"I didn't want to just swerve and possibly hit a car and get run over so I tried to get to the furthest part of the right of my lane," Jankowski said. "I checked to see if the [next] lane was clear, and you know the rest."


Jankowski was wearing a helmet and motorcycle jacket that he had bought that very day.


"I happened to use the jacket I just bought to help save me quite a bit of pain."


A good samaritan, who happened to have a dashboard camera, stopped to help Jankowski. He escaped the incident with minor injuries.