SA woman arrested again for operating adult day cares without license

State, city have been tracking Scherry Moses's alleged violations for years

SAN ANTONIO – The state and city have been tracking a woman for years, but she continues to test the law.

San Antonio police arrested Scherry Moses for operating an adult day care without a license.

Moses was arrested Monday for the third time in two years for operating an adult day care without a license.

Court documents show an investigation was launched involving her former business on South W.W. White Road.

An affidavit shows "the facility was denied a license in 2011, and has yet to obtain one." In that affidavit, the state said it visited twice more, still finding 12 elderly or disabled clients at the facility. Moses reportedly told them she was "attempting to get the location licensed."

Neighboring business owners at that location told a KSAT crew Moses quickly moved that day care in October 2015 to a nearby spot on Houston Street. Business owners near the Houston location said she was only there until February 2016, when she was arrested for operating without a license.

The City of San Antonio's Development Services Department has also been tracking Moses for years, for operating illegal boarding homes in the city.

Three or more elderly or disabled people living somewhere they receive basic care constitutes a boarding home. Anyone operating a boarding home within San Antonio city limits is required to get a license from Development Services. The department then does a series of inspections.

"She operated six illegal boarding homes. Each time, she has not contacted us. We've had to find her. We found some health and safety violations at those homes," Development Services Director Rob Sanchez said. "There were no sprinklers or smoke detectors -- that could be a deadly combination for this population. Each of those times we found her, we have shut her down."

Her latest boarding home was a rented house on South Presa, which Sanchez said was also operating as an adult day care.

"She rents these facilities, so she's not the owner of these homes, so oftentimes we contact the owner of the home and let them know what she's doing there. They're completely unaware they're a boarding home, and evict her," Sanchez said.

He said he is not surprised she was arrested again Monday.

"She's one of our worst actors in the boarding home arena. She simply has no regard for the law and really she's putting this vulnerable population at risk," he said.

Moses is expected at court for a hearing in October. Sanchez said one of the warrants issued for her most recent arrest was because she didn't show up to court for the boarding home violations. Moses bonded out of jail Tuesday, so the state and city will be keeping an eye out for her.

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