Dozens gather outside city hall to spread message of peace

Community members hold vigil to end violence

SAN ANTONIO – Dozens gathered outside San Antonio City Hall Thursday to a spread a message of peace.

The crowd held signs, calling for an end to the violence throughout the city.

"Right now, it's about churches. It's about the people of God coming together. It's about people that love Jesus," said Stephen Grant, a vigil attendee.

The citywide prayer also focused in on the East Side, where there's been at least six shootings in the past five weeks.

San Antonio Police Department officials were also in attendance. SAPD Deputy Chief Anthony Trevino addressed the crowd.

"Every life that we lose, that is either a murder or a victim of violence, has an impact, not only on that one individual, that one family, but it impacts all of us as a community together," Trevino said.

The San Antonio Police Department has had little success slowing down crime. Trevino and District Attorney Nico LaHood made it clear that change would only come if everyone worked together.

"I think we obviously need to enforce law enforcement and prosecution of violent crimes, but then we need to be proactive and work with the communities and recognize an at-risk child or go out into the communities and reach out to gang members," LaHood said.

It was a message the crowd rallied around and one they plan to carry with them throughout the city.

"Spread the word. We have to end this. It's got to stop, because this is going to be our future," said Charles Chacon, a vigil attendee.