Officer shot in Kansas City dies

At least 2 people in custody, police say


A police officer was shot in Kansas City, Kansas, Tuesday, KMBC-TV reported.

The officer, Capt. Robert Melton, later died, police said.

Police said an officer responded to a call about an armed disturbance at Second Street and Edgerton Drive about 1:30 p.m. The caller reported that someone in a vehicle was firing shots in the area.

Investigators said officers reached the scene about five minutes later and said several people jumped out of the vehicle.

Police said at least two people are in custody, KMBC reported. They said there may be at least one or two other people out there. They have been searching nearby neighborhoods for additional suspects.

Police said that while a second officer at the scene tried to contact a fleeing suspect, shots were fired and the officer was hit.

Police are still mourning the loss of police Detective Brad Lancaster, who was shot and killed on May 9 while checking out a report of a suspicious person near the Hollywood Casino.