Local group teaches children boating, fishing lessons

Boys & Girls Club children go out to Calaveras Lake

SAN ANTONIO – The children of the Boys & Girls Club looked forward to the year's boating and fishing event at Calaveras Lake.

"Sometimes it is fun just to get out and just sit and fish and just get more outdoors," said Miranda Talamentez, a 12-year-old.

"It is very important to give them different avenues of life and (an) experience of a lifetime, to go in a boat and fish is another thing to all that, really awesome for these kids,” said Kevin Shandy, Boys & Girls Club assistant branch director.

The Flotilla Boating and Fishing Club provided the boats and the fishing gear for the children.

"The main thing is to get a kid an opportunity to fish," said Alfred Ladson, with the Flotilla Boating and Fishing Club.

Some of the children got the opportunity to fish for the first time, and with that opportunity comes a very important lesson not just for fishing, but for life.

"(It) also teaches patience because if you don't have patience, you are probably not going to be a good fisherman," Ladson said.

At least one of the children learned the lesson, after sitting and waiting for about 45 minutes. Talamentez reeled in about a 2-pound catfish.

She said the catch was “awesome.”

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