City, fans show support for Tim Duncan

Many take advantage of deals celebrating Tim Duncan Day

SAN ANTONIO – It was big day for Spurs fans in San Antonio on Thursday. They got to show their love and support for recently retired Spurs icon Tim Duncan.

"He is my favorite player of all time. He is a real guy," said Stephen Gilbert.

Gilbert was taking advantage of local eatery Teka Molina's 21-cent breakfast taco in honor of Duncan.

The day was set aside earlier in the week as a day to celebrate Duncan as declared by San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor.

Businesses and fans showed their love all over town.

"It is a depressing day, but I think we're happy at the same time. He's played with the Spurs for so many years. I just want to say, ‘Thank you very much, Duncan,’” said George Ceron, who was also taking advantage of the 21-cent taco deal.

Animal Care Services adopted out dogs for just $21, and it paid off. 

"We have had a lot of success today. A lot of people coming out to not only get a pet,  but also talk about Tim Duncan and what a wonderful thing he has done for San Antonio," said Lisa Norwood, with ACS.

The city hung a banner to recognize Duncan and his number, 21, above the steps of San Antonio City Hall. It seemed to be a gathering place for fans to take pictures and share feelings.

"He meant everything to me. He was a good player, always a team player. And he always gave all his effort to play hard for the Spurs," said Lila Gonzalez, a fan.

"He really inspired, not only the players, but the whole city, and he kept the team together," said Eloise Cortez-Lara, a fan.

When the season starts, things will be a little different when the Spurs trot out that opening lineup without Duncan.

"It is going to be weird this year without him," said Matt Johnson, a fan.

Gonzalez summed up what many were thinking. He may be gone but not forgotten.

"He will always remain in my heart,” she said.

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