Man found guilty of capital murder in drug deal shooting

Rebuttal witness says defense witness is not truthful person

SAN ANTONIO – The only defense witness Thursday in the capital murder trial of Dominique Green was his girlfriend, Tamisha Willis.

Hours later, Green was found guilty of capital murder.

She said that Green, the father of her 2-year-old son, had nothing to do with the Dec. 2, 2014, murder of Reynaldo Guerrero.

“I don’t believe Dominique Green should be held accountable, because he definitely did not,” Willis testified.

Green was accused of shooting Guerrero to death during a drug deal and then robbing him.

Noting that Willis testified she is still in love with Green and has visited him frequently in jail, prosecutors asked her if she would lie for him.

“No sir, I would not,” Willis said. “I feel as though if somebody commits a crime such a murder, as serious as it is, and as bad as the loss was, they need to be held accountable.”

Prosecutors called a rebuttal witness following Willis’ testimony.

They asked James Jackson, who is the godfather to the couple’s son, if he believed Willis to be a truthful person.

“No,” Jackson replied to the question.

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