San Antonio prays for peace, unity during citywide prayer service

People of all faiths, ethnicities pray for officers, America

After what seems like an endless string of violence, people across the U.S. are asking for peace.

San Antonio joined in Wednesday night with a citywide service. People of all faiths, ethnicities and walks of life sat together and prayed for each other.

Powerful music echoed through First Presbyterian Church downtown, sounding from high ceilings down to the people below. They all came to pray for one thing: unity.

"If we don't come together and speak about unity and make that the forefront of what's going on currently, then we're going to get divided. It's already kind of happening," said Connie Hernandez.

Hernandez mentioned the recent violence in cities like Falcon Heights, Minnesota, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Dallas — violence stemming from fear or hate.

"Before we're done mourning, the next big thing has happened, the next shooting and the next shooting. It's a scary time," she said.

However, she said it's never too late to come together. Hernandez wants her 10-year-old daughter, Kayli, to understand that. That's why she brought her to the service.

"We need to all come to peace with each other," Kayli said.

Kayli watched as several speakers prayed for law enforcement officers who serve nationwide, a message of gratitude.

"We need kids to have a voice in this as well, because they're going to be the future leaders of our country," Hernandez said.

A country that, even in trying times, has the power to heal. 

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