Seguin police warning of Facebook scam

Messenger appears to be a friend, asks for money

SEGUIN, Texas – Police in Seguin are asking the public to be vigilant of a Facebook scam.

Deputy Police Chief Bruce Ure said it involves Facebook Messenger and your friends list.

"One of my ex-colleagues from the police department, that I used to work with in the past, sent me a Facebook message and I thought it was a great thing. I was communicating back and forth with the person because their picture came up and everything on the Facebook messenger," Ure said.

He said it seemed normal. They exchanged several messages then the tone changed.

"They were telling me about this great financial opportunity that they had just experienced if I would only send a $1,000 I would get quite a bit of money back," Ure said.

In a message the scammer, posing as a friend promises up to $150,000. By then Ure said it was apparent something was up.

"These type of fishing scams are run from overseas. Once I identified myself as a deputy police chief and said that ‘We'd really like to have a face-to-face conversation with them’ the conversation pretty much terminated," Ure said.

Ure said he had never seen anything like it and shared on the police department’s Facebook to warn others.

"We got 5,000 people that we've reached (and) 66 shares which is important," Ure said.

He hopes by getting the word out no one will fall victim to the scam and can only imagine what would have happened if he had.

"My folks (fellow police officers) would have just beaten me up unmercifully for zillions of years," said Ure.

So this happened THIS MORNING to me (Deputy Chief Ure): I got a Facebook message from an dear old friend/co-worker. ...

Posted by Seguin Police Department on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

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