San Antonio organization holds rally to lift community up

Dozens of people peacefully rallied at Travis Park

SAN ANTONIO – There was a cry for peace in the wake of yet another police shooting of an unarmed black man.

San Antonio's Speak Up Speak Out For Black Lives organization rallied Friday at Travis Park. The organization stands against police brutality, hate crimes and racially-motivated crimes.

The group said it was not there to protest, but instead to lift the community up and encourage people to unite as one.

One of the organizers said she was shocked to see what looked like another race-related shooting this week in Miami.

"I'm very emotional about it. It makes me angry, kind of bitter and very sad," Sarah Mesa said. "I think community events like this is something big. I think staying in contact with the police, just kind of reforming their education that they get as police officers."

Dozens of people peacefully rallied, speaking about uniting communities and finding common ground.

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