Traffic officer: Cars in fender bender should be moved off road

Law in place requires cars in fender bender to be moved

SAN ANTONIO – It is one of the most frustrating times for rush hour drivers, getting stuck in a traffic jam behind a simple fender bender. However, most of the time, that shouldn't be problem since there is a law governing those types of accidents.

"When you’re involved in an accident on the highway, or on the access road, you need to remove that vehicle off the highway, provided, one: there are no injuries, and two: That it is safe to do so," said Officer Marcus Trujillo, with SAPD.

It is the law to remove those vehicles, and it’s also safer for other drivers on the road.

"It is best to get out of that danger zone," Trujillo said.

It is a law many drivers agree with wholeheartedly.

"There is not a reason to hold up traffic,” said driver Thomas Garcia. “If it is just a fender bender, get out of the way, especially during rush hour."

"It is kind of aggravating. You feel sorry for them, but it is a little aggravating. You want to be able to move on," said Meredith Mora, a driver.

Trujillo said drivers involved in a fender bender must be mindful of others on the road.

"Traffic is coming up behind you, 60, 70 maybe even 80 miles an hour behind you with absolutely no warning with what's ahead. That is just a recipe for disaster," Trujillo said.

Trujillo also pointed out that many drivers involved in those types of accidents don't want to move their vehicles until police arrive and can determine fault. He said they need not worry.

"Our officers go through an extensive amount of training, as do a lot of other officers from other departments," Trujillo said. “Based on the damage and on the street, the way it is designed, we can pretty much tell what happened and who is at fault."

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