Grandmother ‘in shock' after grandson's alleged killer arrested

Tyania Kindle describes dream hours before arrest

SAN ANTONIO – Tyania Kindle said her eldest grandson, Deontre Lott, 21, was popular and always brought a smile to the faces of others. Lott was shot and killed in an East Side convenience store parking lot on July 4.  

She also said she had a premonition of sorts, just hours before the alleged gunman was arrested.

"I said why don't you go ahead and cross over. He said, ‘I can't Nanna.’ I said ‘Why?’  He said, ‘I can't because they haven't got him yet,’" Kindle said, describing a dream she had Saturday.

Kindle also conveyed another part of her dream where despite tragic loss she still felt compassion for the alleged killer.

"I said Lord, if you do anything pick up this young man let him turn himself in. But let no harm come to him because we already buried one. We don't need to bury no more," Kindle said.

She said her dream came to fruition Sunday. While at church, her cellphone began lighting up with text messages. They read that the alleged gunman, Dwayne Kines, 21, was in jail.

"I said, ‘Wow what's going on?’ I hit it. It said ‘They caught him,’" she said.

Kindle said Lott called or visited daily. At times she said she still can't believe any of it is real.

"The arrest. I'm still in shock," Kindle said.

Despite the alleged killer being held behind bars and his bond set at $100,000 she said the reality is one she'll struggle with for years to come.

"There's never going to be no closure, because he's not coming back," Kindle said.