Taggers causing headaches for police, residents in Boerne

Police turn to social media for help with catching taggers

BOERNE, Texas – Taggers have struck in several locations throughout Boerne in recent days, causing a headache for residents and police.

Boerne police appealed to the public for information about the taggers on their Facebook page. The Facebook post included photos of the damage done to a former gas station, restrooms at Boerne's skate park, and a concession stand door and utility box at the baseball fields inside Northrup Park.

Police said the graffiti appears to feature the same two names. 

KSAT 12 News visited the locations Monday morning. The only damage that hadn't been painted over yet was at the old gas station on Oak Park Road.

"It's a beautiful piece of property, and it borders on three sides of the street. It's a focal point. So it's really a mess to have the graffiti up there," said Larry Holder, who lives down the street.

Holder said he first noticed the spray-painted mess last week. He hopes police will quickly catch up with the taggers. 

"They don't realize that they're destroying property, and it's difficult to get it off. So yeah, it's very disappointing," he said.

Many people who share his opinion took to Facebook to post their opinions. While some urged police to make arrests, others shared their concerns that a big city problem was moving into their quiet community.

Police are asking everyone to keep their eyes and ears open and report any unusual activity. 

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