Man robbed, stabbed while playing 'Pokemon Go'

Victim warns other players to be aware of surroundings, not to become target

SAN ANTONIO – A man stabbed this weekend while playing Pokemon Go is now sending a warning to other players.

The scariest moment of David's life happened Saturday evening.

"I got stabbed in my neck and robbed, for $4 and a pack of cigarettes," he said.

For safety reasons, he asked KSAT not to reveal his last name or show his face. 

He said the assault happened in a parking lot on Padre Drive on the South Side. 

"We were the only car there," he said.

David and his friend drove into the parking lot to play Pokemon Go. He said when they found a Pokemon, he hit his hazard lights, parked the car, and that's when the suspects approached him. 

"One pulled the knife out, put in in my neck, and I kicked the door open and he stabbed me again. My passenger was able to run out," David said.

David's friend and five other witnesses called police.

"Police did a great job. They were there within a minute. Within three minutes Eagle was up, then five minutes K-9s were there. They caught the guys within 10 minutes," he said.  

Alfred Estrada, 23, and Ruben Rancino, 27, were arrested and charged with aggravated robbery. Their bond is set at $75,000 each. 

EMS was able to treat David's two wounds on scene. 

"My neck and my shoulder. I don't know how far away from the artery, but they were close," he said.

Now that he's feeling better his main concern is for other players. 

"Be aware of your surroundings, completely. Especially in places that are not populated. Please, because I don't want this to happen to anybody else," he said.

Law enforcement agreed, explaining when you're distracted, you're a bigger target.

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