Young girls capture life on the East Side

New exhibit opens at Institute of Texan Cultures

SAN ANTONIO – Shots fired and sirens are heard often on the east side. The violence and crime is seen by all, including kids who live in the area.

"It's been alright, but it's just been rough because of all the shootings and everything," 10-year-old Adelyn Hernandez said.

The Martinez Street Women's Center Girl Zone Camp has been working with the girls in capturing their culture and lives.

"I think that it's a way to amplify where they are coming from, what they are going through and how they are seeing that growth within themselves here in this community," art instructor Ernesto Olivo said.

Through poems and pictures, the girls are also showing others that there is more to the east side that the violence.

"I took pictures of my neighborhood, the east side and my schools," 10-year-old Gia Rodriguez said.

The exhibit is in collaboration with the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures. The theme: "A Girl's Eye View: An East Side Herstory."

"We always learn the word history is his-story, so the idea of taking ownership of that word and calling it her-story," Olivo said.

With their her-story now on display, they want to show all of San Antonio the strong women they are becoming and their vision of a crime-free neighborhood.

The exhibit opens Friday at the Institute of Texan Cultures, and will remain open until October 31.

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