KSAT 12 News coverage from the Democratic National Convention

KSAT's Steve Spriester and Ryan Loyd in Philadelphia to cover convention


KSAT 12 News anchor Steve Spriester and digital journalist Ryan Loyd are in Philadelphia following the latest on the Democratic National Convention.

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Hillary Clinton formally accepted the Democratic party's nomination for president. Steve Spriester recapped the historic nomination and spoke with a pair of Texans at the DNC who are shaking up politics.

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One of the goals of the DNC was to show an image of inclusiveness -- Ryan Loyd caught up with a San Antonio woman who is fighting for more involvement for the American Muslim Democratic caucus. Steve also spoke with a mother and daughter who drove all the way from San Antonio to Philadelphia.

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On the streets, at least one man is bringing his art to the people. Michael Bailey draws because it’s what he likes to do. It's Bailey's drive to create portraits of presidents and those who aspire to be one that has taken him from Cleveland to Philly. 


Wednesday's was the picture of diversity that Democrats have sought to frame the whole week: A black man symbolically seeking to hand the weightiest baton in the free world to a woman. The Democrats' heaviest hitters including Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Clinton's running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, contrasted Trump's unpredictability with their candidate's steadiness.

"There's only one person in this race who will be there, who's always been there for you, and that's Hillary Clinton's life story," Biden said.  

Day 3 of the DNC also saw San Antonio's own Sebastien De La Cruz singe the national anthem. Fun fact, the teen always wears his Spurs wrist ban when performing. 

Steve also caught up with the Julian and Joaquin Castro. The Castro brothers made the rounds at the DNC and spoke to various delegations.

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Earlier in the day, Bernie Sanders supporters protested outside the DNC lounge. Click on the slideshow below to see the protest and the video below features Sanders speaking to the Texas delegation.

The nomination for President may not be his but Bernie Sanders says he's sticking around.

The senator wants to work with people who are seeking political office. "It is not widely talked about, but over the last eight years, Republicans have captured some 900 seats in legislatures all over this country that were held by Democrats. We’re going to get those seats back” Sanders said. 


Much like the RNC in Cleveland, security in Philadelphia is very tight. The Democrats convention is being held away from downtown, in the heart of the city's major league sports complex.

The area is cordoned off by large fences and vehicles are checked by security. WATCH Steve Spriester's report on security in Philadelphia below and his break down of the convention with CNN's Ryan Nobles.

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Hillary Clinton made history as the first woman to become the presidential nominee of a major U.S. political party, winning the nomination of the Democratic Party.

The former first lady, New York senator and secretary of state claimed her party's nomination over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who asked Democrats to nominate her by acclimation.  

Steve Spriester recaps the protest in support of Bernie Sanders and more of Clinton's speech to the DNC.

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Protestors filled into the DNC media tent Tuesday night, protesting Hillary’s nomination. “I’m out here because I really don't feel welcome on the inside, and to be honest as a Bernie Sanders delegate, this whole thing for Hillary was already decided before we showed up," one delegate said.

The night was also highlighted former President Bill Clinton. He spoke about his wife and how she worked for decades in public service.

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Earlier Tuesday, we heard from the last Texas Democrat elected in a statewide election. Former Texas Land Commissioner, Gary Mauro, is a longtime friend of the Clinton's and explained his excitement for being in Philadelphia.

In a time of divisiveness in politics, there is a space in the city of Brotherly Love that is giving people the chance speak openly and respectfully on different opinions they have. WATCH both those videos below:

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First Lady Michelle Obama, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders took to the stage Monday night.

Bernie Sanders said Hillary Clinton will make -- in his words -- "an outstanding president." He credited Clinton with leading the fight for universal health care. He said Clinton, as a senator, was a "fierce advocate" for children's rights. He ended his speech at the Democratic National Convention by saying: "I am proud to stand with her tonight."

Before his speech, Steve Spriester took us inside the DNC on day one and showed us how Bernie Sanders supporters were not ready to concede Hillary Clinton as the candidate.

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Former Texas State Senator Leticia Van De Putte took to the DNC stage, as she helped play a role in the national convention.

The San Antonio native said she was a little nervous and, “… That I'm a little bit of this history being made, and hopeful that my mom’s watching, who's 83, and hopeful that my 4-year-old granddaughter is watching as well.”

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Controversy plagued the start of the Democratic National Convention Monday amid reports that Democratic Party favored presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton over her rival, Bernie Sanders.

The fallout was swift and immense. With the party leadership in a tailspin -- and with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down as chair -- the question remains: Who will lead the Democratic party next?

Gilberto Hinojosa, chairman for the Texas Democratic Party, believes the Castro brothers can reunite the party. Click here for the full story from Ryan Loyd.

The donkey is the symbol of the Democratic Party. It represents a strong will. Our KSAT crew in Philadelphia interviewed some of the artists behind an exhibit there that's aimed at motivating people to get involved in the political process.

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Protests also sparked at the DNC in Philadelphia and many celebs are expected to be at the convention.

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