Fourth person arrested in April murder case

Woman was killed after crashing vehicle into abandoned home

SAN ANTONIO – A fourth and final arrest has been made in the murder of a woman back in April. Fredrick Ray Carter, 20, was arrested Friday afternoon at an apartment complex on East Houston Street.

On April 2, 31-year-old Shawna Anderson was found shot in the head after crashing her vehicle into an abandoned home on Glacier Sun Drive.

Police said Carter and two other men shot Anderson’s car multiple times after an altercation between some women in the area of Sunrise Park.

Police don’t believe Anderson was the intended victim.

“These individuals were looking for someone else, and they did have it correct that Miss Anderson was at the park at that time. But it's my understanding that they were looking for other individuals who may have gotten in an altercation,” said Officer Doug Greene, San Antonio Police Department spokesman.

Police have already arrested 20-year-old Daniel Griffin and 25-year-old James Chase, who they said were the other two shooters.

Rashanda Barber, 24, was also arrested. Police said Barber had been at the park and called the three men and pointed out Anderson’s vehicle.

Detectives don’t expect to make any more arrests. 

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