Tax free weekend starts Friday

Save money on clothes, school supplies

SAN ANTONIO – Tax free weekend starts Friday, saving consumers about $8 for every $100 spent on qualifying items.

Clothing, shoes and school supplies will not be taxed, but there are exceptions.

Any individual item priced more than $100 will not be tax exempt.

Additionally, accessories like jewelry, handbags, purses, umbrellas and wallets will not be tax exempt.

Luggage, briefcases, gym bags and clothing alterations like embroidery also don’t qualify for tax exemption.

Backpacks priced below $100 will qualify for the tax free discount.

A sale of a qualifying item under a layaway plan qualifies for exemption if the customer places the qualifying merchandise on layaway during the holiday or makes the final payment during the holiday, according to the Texas Comptroller.

Get ready to go back to school and stock up on supplies. 

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