Rally held on East Side to spread message of peace

Funeral home organized event to help deter violence

SAN ANTONIO – Participants in a unity rally on the city’s East Side Saturday hoped to spread peace across the Alamo City.

Dozens of people showed up to the event at Pittman Sullivan Park, including Mayor Ivy Taylor.

The East Side has seen more than 30 shootings this year. A funeral home was one of the organizers for the rally. It said it has seen too many young people in caskets and it’s time for the violence to end.

Taylor said these types of events can help, but won’t bring down crime rates alone.

“I think this is another positive step. The community (is) coming together, addressing some of the negative things that have been happening,” Taylor said. “I just hope folks know that being at the event is good, but what you do after the event is what really matters.”

Taylor said the community and city leaders need to continue working together. She said she wants to see more mentors in San Antonio schools and more second-chance programs to give people more opportunities.