Developer hopes to rewrite history, finally reinvent Lone Star Brewery

Previous developers have seen plans fail

SAN ANTONIO – Developers of the old Lone Star Brewery site, gave KSAT a look at how they hope to bring the dormant area alive again.

The brewery was shuttered 20 years. Since then numerous developers have tried to revive the area, but now there are plans laid out and a new partner on board, to turn another iconic San Antonio brewery into a destination spot. 

"To kind of see everything come to fruition is going to be amazing," says Adam Schneider of Aqualand Development.

It does seem that in the middle of the towers and the buildings that beer built, something is brewing.

"We're excited to see where it’s headed and the impact it will have on San Antonio as a whole, and the Southtown community itself," says Schneider.

The plans are on paper and a vision’s in place. The idea is to reinvent the iconic Southtown brewery into restaurants, residential and offices. Transforming places like the signature lake, into a modern day gathering place, setting it apart from the city's other brewery project.

"We love the Pearl. It's an outstanding facility, great product over there, a great project,” David Neuhoff of CBL & Associates said. “I think the entertainment will be a little different here, than what they have there."

Neuhoff is the vice president of C.B.L. & Associates, the newest group to sign on to the Lone Star project, partnering with original developer, Aqualand.

"The investment we’ve been seeing in Southtown, there’s a lot of development going on," Neuhoff said.

These plans are laid out to succeed, where others have failed. In the past one of the major stumbling blocks to this project is what lies next door, Newell Recycling. Developers want to make sure those who come to their facility to work, live and play, aren't just a few feet away, from a noisy recycling operation.

 "We are going down that path to try and help get them to another area, that way we can do some future development to the site," says Adam Schneider of Aqualand.

A hotel, movie theater, live music venue, maybe even having Lone Star Beer itself open up a small batch brewery on site, is the ultimate plan. Developers plan to start construction next summer, and open the fall of 2018.

"We're excited to be here, excited to partner, we're really excited with the response," Neuhoff said.

"There’s been large projects, and large mixed use things, but I don't think there’s many projects that have the history and the ties to the community that this project brings to San Antonio," says Schneider.

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