Mayor Taylor discusses SA Tomorrow

SA Tomorrow is plan to prepare for future

SAN ANTONIO – A plan for San Antonio's future is now on paper. What the city will look like in 20 years and how the community should prepare for it, are part of what the San Antonio City Council passed Thursday morning.

San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor is one of the biggest proponents of the SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan.

“This was extremely important to me. I know that a lot of people don't get as excited about these things as I do. I know I'm a planning nerd. I embrace it," Taylor said.

The plan is clearly more than 30 pieces of paper to Taylor. She’s an urban planner by profession and sees SA Tomorrow as a blueprint.

"Our kids, my daughter, your daughter, what kind of San Antonio will be here for them? Will it be some place where they want to live, where they want to raise their family, where there will be opportunity?" Taylor said.

The SA Tomorrow plan looks at three major areas: future land use, transportation and sustainability. There are projections that the city of San Antonio will double in population in 20 years.

"This provides us that framework and guidance, so we can make decisions and investments that will protect the quality of life, protect our natural environment, grow our economy and just make it a better place to live," Taylor said.

There are critics of the plan, including those who think the San Antonio City Council and mayor just made a mistake, choosing business interests over environmental protections. Taylor admitted that a plan like this is a balancing act, but at least there's now a starting point.

"It is about protecting the people who are already here, because we know it will result in changes when those new people come. Where are they going to live? How are they going to get to where they need to go? And how does that impact the people who are already here?" Taylor said.

Taylor also emphasized that San Antonio hasn't had a comprehensive plan since the 1970s. She and the City Council will try to incorporate part of this plan into the 2017 bond project. 

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