Business owners overcoming burglary of their coffee shop

Coffee shop burglarized Wednesday morning

SAN ANTONIO – Business is off to a rough start for a coffee shop that recently opened. It was burglarized and damaged earlier this week.

Isabella and Tonya Pacetti-Perkins are back to work after their coffee shop, Pendlebury Brew, was targeted by criminals.

“I was really shocked. I wasn't expecting it because I just put all my money into this place, and so now I'm trying to make this business go and here we get this destruction,” Isabella said.

Isabella had gotten a message from a neighboring business owner and rushed over to see what had happened to her establishment.

“They had thrown this rock right here right through the window, and glass was everywhere, smashed all the way through. The person had gone straight to my coffee bar, smashed that and broke it, stole the register and printer for the shop,” she said.

The coffee shop’s counter was also broken and everything was thrown on the ground.

Isabella was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. After emergency surgery, she quit her regular job and put everything into her dream. The couple said they couldn’t let this burglary stop them.

"If we can get the door secure, we can open that door, and then we're going to figure out how to open tomorrow. Yesterday, we were open. Today we were open, and we're just moving forward,” Tonya said.

Since the incident on Wednesday morning, friends of the owners and people in the community have stepped up.

“We had some friends that approached us and said maybe we can have some kind of concert, something that is benefiting the coffee shop,” Tonya said.

People are also donating money to help the business owners get back on track. 

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