Family uninjured after driver crashes into living room

Ammons family had moved to San Antonio 3 weeks ago

SAN ANTONIO – A North Side family said they're counting their blessings after a drunken driver crashed a truck into their living room while they were sitting in it.

The driver was identified late Saturday as 33-year-old Brandon Wayne Spell. He has been charged with drunken driving and evading arrest.

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The Ammons family just moved into their San Antonio home on Crimson Beauty after relocating from Grand Junction, Colorado.

"We moved here three weeks ago this Friday," said Alana Ammons, a school teacher.

Ammons and her husband, Scott, were watching the Olympics in their living room with their children around 11 p.m. Friday. They said that's when chaos erupted.

"Things just started flying and glass (was) breaking and then you could feel the hot air coming inside," Alana Ammons said, describing the moments after the driver crashed into her new home 

Scott Ammons said they were both in shock.

"At first I wasn't really sure what happened," he said. "My wife she said she thought maybe it was an explosion. We found out real quick it was a truck crashing into our wall."

Police said they arrested the driver of the 2002 GMC Sierra that crashed into their home on a charge of suspicion of DWI.

"It was a high-speed chase off of Overlook Parkway into our neighborhood," Scott Ammons said, relaying what he said police investigators told him.

From the backyard on Saturday, daughter Kami Ammons pointed to her upstairs bedroom window just above the point of impact. She said she was really scared.

"My tummy started hurting," the soon-to-be second-grader said.

Kami's older brother, Jayden, who starts the fourth grade in a few days, said he learned from emergency workers things could have been far worse.

"If it went 2 inches further, the whole house would have collapsed," Jayden said.

The family emerged unscathed. They said a guardian angel must have been watching over.

"God was absolutely looking out for us," Scott Ammons said.

Alana Ammons shared a picture of the chair she'd been sitting in when the driver crashed into her house. She said her friends were amazed she was unharmed. 

So were the police.

"The cops when they walked in, they said, 'You were sitting right there and you didn't get impaled in the head,'" she said.