AAA recommends regular car cleaning to extend vehicle's life

Agency recommends washing car every 1 to 3 weeks


SAN ANTONIO – A dirty car isn’t just unsightly, it could also cost a driver more money in the long run. Regular cleaning and detailing can extend a vehicle’s life and preserve its value.

To help educate drivers on the importance of a clean car, AAA has released an automotive technology update with information on cleaning. It said people should ideally be washing their car every one to three weeks.

“A lot of people don’t. That's why we just want to remind folks, you're going to be saving yourself a little bit of money. You're going to be saving yourself the trouble of purchasing a new vehicle more frequently, and also not only good to have a clean vehicle to drive around in for everyone to see, but you want to maximize the life of your vehicle,” said Douge Shupe, with AAA.

AAA recommended that drivers use protective car cleaners to protect their vehicles from cracking and wearing that can come form the extreme South Texas heat.