Heavy rain causes flooding, closed roads, water rescues

Woman's car towed out of flooded road after trying to drive through

Heavy rains Tuesday afternoon and evening, on an already saturated ground, caused some chaos on the roads across the region.

It was a close call for one driver when floodwaters trapped her in her car on Pinn Road at Highway 151. First responders blocked the road as she jumped out and her car was safely towed away.

The pouring rain caused similar flooding across the region.

Adela Alvarado's garden in Leon Valley got quite a soaking Tuesday evening, but that is always the least of her worries when the next street down is flooded with rushing water.

Alvarado said it floods "every time it rains."

Alvarado has lived at her home near Raymond Rimkus Park for six years and is used to her neighborhood roads being closed during rainstorms.

"All we see is water. We can't see the ground and the parks behind us. We can't even see the ground of the park or the sidewalks or anything," she said.

Leon Valley crews have the protocol down. Every time it starts to rain hard, they close the roads quickly, before the flooding gets bad.


That's a good thing, because within about an hour the Huebner Creek rose up past park benches and into the parking lot, flowing fast and taking big logs with it.

"I don't like the rain, but some people say we need it," Alvarado said.

She said she would be patient while she stayed inside and off the roads. 

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