Woman uninjured after she is run over by own car

Driver stepped out of car to tighten gas cap


A woman was run over by her own car after she stopped to tighten her gas cap at a red light, UPI reports.


The incident, which took place in Burlington, Washington earlier this month, was caught on another driver's dashcam. The driver, David Alger, got out to help the woman and insisted she was uninjured.


"She just went to pick up the gas cap and realized the car was moving, so she went back to jump back into the car and grab the steering wheel," Alger said. "And as she grabbed the steering wheel with the car still moving forward, I would imagine the wheel turned to the left and that's when she was dragged underneath the left rear tire and run over. Both legs. Went right up over her buttock and over both legs."


The woman reportedly drove off before police or paramedics could examine her.


"She's just very fortunate," Alger said.