Archaeology work comes to end at Alamo

Team worked in area since July 20

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SAN ANTONIO – Archaeology work at the Alamo is coming to an end after almost a month.

A team started the unprecedented dig on July 20, working on unearthing artifacts and finding the location of the mission’s original walls. It’s part of a larger effort to create a new Alamo master plan called “Reimagine the Alamo.”

The lead archaeologist said she’s happy with the team’s findings and is excited about the work they’ve done.

"We're over the moon for sure on this. It's not something we expected to be able to do,” said Nesta Anderson, PhD and lead archaeologist. “I mean, in my career, I never expected I’d be working at the Alamo, so I’m very excited. We'd love to do more excavation, but we are very mindful in how we do that. Once we dig it, we can't put it back.”

The excavation team hopes to have their project completed in eight years.