Mobile home park residents upset over ignored maintenance requests

Code Enforcement conducts inspection of area

SAN ANTONIO – Residents of a San Antonio mobile home park off Prue Road said they have mostly been ignored for maintenance requests. They said the situation has been a messy one. 

"That's the sewage coming out of the septic lines," said 14-year Oak Hollow resident Jesus Arredondo. "Somebody fell in it. The little kid fell in. You can see the swing set right beside it."

A community activist, George Alejos, said the tone of the discourse between management and residents over the years has really crossed lines.

"Some of these people were threatened with the owner supposedly calling ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement)," Alejos said. "Some of them have complained of being called, as one resident said, dirty people. ‘We want these dirty people out of here.’”

Beyond just the several places where open sewage was located, there was also a tree leaning against a trailer, which had caused the side of the trailer to split open, exposing insulation.

Mickey Mangione, who is in charge of maintenance of the mobile home park, said they had asked the homeowner to repair it.

"We were there two months ago. The owner, my brother, says, ‘Cut the tree down.’ She says, ‘I don't want it cut,’” Mangione said.

District 8 Councilman Ron Nirenberg visited the property.  He said the city has standards that must be adhered to.

"If we've got issues that I've heard are here, we need to either bring them up to standard or shut them down," Nirenberg said.

Code Enforcement conducted a thorough inspection of the entire mobile home park on Friday. A spokeswoman said they'll issue notices as needed.

Rod Sanchez, director of the Development Services Department for the city, issued an immediate plan of action.

Immediate action taken by the Development Services Department includes:

  • Issuing a three-day notice of violation for plumbing-related issues.

  • Having the city take the residents to court for noncompliance.

  • Issuing a notice to vacate, if necessary.

  • Partnering with the Department of Human Services to offer available assistance to residents.