BCSO investigating woman's body found near Haven for Hope shelter

Investigators found signs of trauma on body

SAN ANTONIO – The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said a woman found dead alongside Martin Street, right outside the Bexar County jail, just west of downtown, near Haven for Hope, may be a victim of a crime. 

Investigators said the woman was a frequent and known resident of the Haven for Hope shelter. The woman appeared to be in her late 30s, possibly early 40s.

Deputies couldn’t confirm how the woman died. However, the Sheriff’s Office question the last person who was known to be with her before her death, which was her boyfriend, who called for help.

“Late last night, we had a man and his girlfriend, they are regular occupants of Haven for Hope, and for whatever reason, they were not allowed back inside the campus, so they decided to sleep outside our jail in the grassy area. The man said he got up this morning, went and ran a few errands came back and said his girlfriend was still laying there. He said at that time he determined that she was not alive,” said James Keith, a spokesperson with the Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said they found signs of trauma on the body, but they’re not sure if the woman was hit by a train or car or if she’s the victim of a homicide. Keith said the medical examiner’s office will make that determination. 

Haven for Hope said the woman left its facility willingly after dinner and never made an attempt to return.