Teen trying to improve reputation of car clubs by helping people in need

Young woman pulls car clubs together in effort to help homeless

SAN ANTONIO – A young San Antonio woman is on a mission to improve the reputation of car clubs by helping people in need.

"Classic cars are my everything. I love them," Abigail Garcia said.

The petite 18-year-old girl might be the last person someone would expect to know everything about cars, but her knowledge and spirit are impressive.

"This is a '73 Nova. It is a two-speed power glide, regular original, straight six-engine," she said, pointing to her boyfriend's car, which she's helped fix up.

Garcia has grown up around car shows, and now she's in a car club of her own. It's her passion, but she said car clubs are often seen in a bad light.

"People think they're just a nuisance. 'They're just making scenes and getting into car accidents and things like that.' We do have a bad reputation," she said.

The clubs she knows are far from bad.

"We love to show our cars. Show what they're worth, rather than get them on the street and run them into something, because a lot of people, they do, and, unfortunately, that does happen. We're not one of those clubs," Garcia said.

The club means more to Garcia than just cars.

"It's a second family. Somebody else to go to when you're down," she said.

What Garcia's family taught her when she was young was to give back.

"I remember my parents asked my brother and I what we wanted to do for Thanksgiving. We said we wanted to feed the homeless. Instead of having dinner on our tables, we put them in to-go boxes and gave them to the homeless," she explained. "It's hard to forget seeing their faces and having them thank me."

Garcia now wants to combine her love of cars with the feeling of helping others.

"It's breathtaking. Putting a smile on someone's face puts one right back on mine," she said.

Next month, Garcia and members of three other car clubs will hold a charity car show for a good cause, raising money and gathering supplies for the homeless. She hopes others will come out to the Pep Boys at 8103 Marbach Road on Oct. 22 and bring either money donations or supplies for the homeless, such as food or blankets. There will be dozens of cars of all types to see, from multiple car clubs. 


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