Elderly man hit, killed on busy far West Side Street

Man not walking on crosswalk

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department said an elderly man was hit and killed while trying to cross a busy far West Side Street near the 8300 block of Culebra Road, just west of Rimrock Trail.

Police said it appeared to be an accident and believe the driver didn’t see a pedestrian who was walking across the busy street Saturday night.

“He got hit by a pickup truck. He’s deceased,” said police Sgt. Steve Almanza.

Police said the elderly man tried crossing the street about 8 p.m.

“A Hispanic male in his 70s (was) attempting to cross the street. It’s not well lit. No crosswalk,” Almanza said.

Almanza said witnesses at the scene said it didn’t look like speed was a factor.

“Talking to the driver, it doesn't seem alcohol was a factor, either. Just time of day, heavy traffic,” Almanza said. “As far as we can tel,l he doesn't live in the area. He must've been visiting somebody."

Almanza said these types of accidents are seen too often in San Antonio streets.

“Pedestrians invariably get hit when they don't use a crosswalk. People aren't expecting to see them. I'm sure the driver didn’t expect to see someone pop up in front of him in the middle of the street like that. It's very dangerous to cross the street without a crosswalk,” he said.

Police said they don’t know where the elderly man was coming from nor where he was going.