TABC releases results of back-to-school undercover operation

90 percent of businesses in compliance with state law


SAN ANTONIO – The Texas Alcholic Beverage Commission on Monday released results from a weeklong back-to-school undercover operation.

TABC agents recently put store clerks to the test in the San Antonio area by sending an underage volunteer into stores to attempt to buy alcohol.

KSAT 12 News Crime Fighters reporter Bill Barajas rode along with agents as they visited convenience, liquor and grocery stores, in addition to clubs and bars near universities and schools.

The operation found that out of 1,337 establishments that were visited statewide, 128 sold alcohol to minors.

In the San Antonio/South Texas area, 20 out of 205 "off-premise" establishments, where alcohol cannot be consumed, were issued citations.

Out of 72 "on-premise" establishments, where customers can drink on site, agents issued 13 citations in the San Antonio/South Texas area.

Stores that violated the law were fined $4,000. The clerks who sold the alcohol could face up to one year in jail.

"Overall, we're pleased with the results of this year's operation, which shows that the majority of retailers are taking their responsibilities seriously,” said Chief Robert Saenz, TABC's director of field operations. "Even so, we're committed to working with our retailers to provide training and support in order to help them recognize the dangers of selling alcohol to minors."

The results of the operation are listed below:


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