300 local elementary kids venture on educational field trip

Morgan's Wonderland offers fall series

Hundreds of local elementary school students on Monday went on a one-of-a-kind field trip to Morgan’s Wonderland.

The unique theme park is offering five days of educational lessons set up throughout the park.

Morgan's Wonderland, on the Northeast Side, was opened to 300 first-graders from Somerset and Hatchett elementary schools.Their task was to roam the grounds and have fun learning.

"We’re all about inclusion here at the park, so the special education classes are incorporated into the rotations," said Dominic Fournier, programs director for Morgan's Wonderland.

Fournier said this fall series of educational field trips will offer hands-on learning to 1,500 children.

Children rotated between nine different stations for 20 minutes at a time, touching on every subject from geography and telling time to science and reading.

"There's a reading lesson at the carousel. Our adventure ride has a time-telling lesson. In our sensory village, we have weather, as well as healthy eating. Two lessons in there. And our train travels through all of the countries, so it's a geography lesson on the train," Fournier said.

The children enjoyed learning from baggies filled with fun words to help with spelling, to science lessons that they said made their heads spin. 

"I’m learning about by spinning on this. You get very dizzy," said 7-year-old Taylor Guerra, about one of the lessons.

Others were learning how to increase the flow of water by rearranging the pipes.

"I’m doing some activities with my friends, and it's so fun here," said Jasmine Maldonado, 6.

"We're making water pipes and we're trying to connect them," said Briana Flores, 6.

A few stations down from the girls, the boys were having their own fun. They figured out that the more water pressure, the farther they could launch.

"It flies up and then you try to make it in the hole.  The water pushes it up," said Vain Rizvi, 6.

All of these young minds learned to add fun and games to their science lesson.