Sister of murder victim concerned about killer's escape from state hospital

Judy Clark fears her sister's killer may escape hospital again

SAN ANTONIO – "Who's next?" That's what the sister of a woman who was killed more than 26 years ago is asking after the man who killed her sister walked out of the San Antonio State Hospital on Sunday.

Gary Ligon, 62, was captured on Tuesday morning in the 8200 block of City Base Landing, about 2 miles from the hospital.

Judy Clark, who's sister, Rebecca Ligon, was killed and dismembered in 1990, said she's reliving the pain all over again after finding out that the man who killed her sister slipped out of the state hospital on Sunday where he had been committed.

"You don't just allow a dangerous criminal, yes, they found him not guilty, by reason of insanity, but he still murdered her," Clark said. "Do you let somebody like that just walk out?"

It's not just frustration that Clark is dealing with. She said she fears for her life and for the lives of the rest of her family.

"Who in our family is next?" Clark asked. "When they arrested him in 1990, it got to us out of the Kerr County Jail that if he ever got out, he would kill the rest of our family." 

Although Ligon was captured early Tuesday morning as he wandered the streets of San Antonio, Clark said she still can't rest knowing that this is actually the second time that he has gotten out of this hospital.

He's not stupid," Clark said. "Everybody thinks he's stupid. He's not. And who knows what will happen next time. People tell us, you should just forget about it, put it behind you. How do you put it behind you when it seems like this is going to haunt us every day for the rest of our lives?"

Clark said the state hospital should be liable for what happened or at the very least, she said, they should put Ligon somewhere where he can't hurt anyone else.

A state health department spokeswoman told KSAT 12 over the phone on Tuesday that the staff at the hospital is not trained to keep patients from leaving, so they immediately called police.

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