After Trump cap video, mayor working to build ‘positive relationships' between officers, community

Officers seen wearing Trump hats while on duty, violating department policy

SAN ANTONIO – A video posted on the GOP presidential candidate's Twitter page Tuesday, showing local police officers in uniform and wearing hats with his famous campaign slogan "Make America Great Again," is getting some backlash.

Police Chief William McManus stated that officers are not  allowed to give the appearance of endorsing a candidate while on duty and in uniform and is disciplining the officers involved.

Trinity University professor of political science David Crockett said the video of the San Antonio officers posing with Trump might have sent the wrong message to the city that expects its public officials to be objective or neutral.

"If you're a public official or you're in some type of public capacity where the idea is you should be nonpartisan because you're serving the people in its government in a governmental capacity, that's when that crosses the line," said Crockett.

San Antonio Police Officers Association President Mike Helle said in a statement Tuesday night that the association historically does not make federal political endorsements and this may have been a case where the officers, "most likely got caught up in the moment."

However, Mayor Ivy Taylor said Wednesday that the moment of wearing that hat while in uniform and on city time is a policy violation no matter what campaign or candidate.

"We want to ensure that our police officers consistently send a message that they are to serve all San Antonians equally," said Taylor.

Taylor said her concern is that message was not conveyed yesterday.

"Right now, I'm very much engaged in the work to try and build positive relationships between the police and all aspects of our San Antonio community," said Taylor. "So I don't want the officers to do anything to jeopardize or undermine that effort."

The city attorney sent a letter to the Trump campaign asking it to discontinue the use of the images. At last check on Wednesday evening, the video was still on Trump's Twitter page.

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