Great white shark breaks through diving cage on video

Diver unharmed in incident

(Gabe and Garrett / YouTube)

OFF GUADALUPE ISLAND, MEXICO – A diver experienced his own "Jaws Moment" with a great white shark during a recent expedition off the coast of Mexico.

And the terrifying encounter was captured on video.

With a diver submerged below the waves in a cage, the shark approaches the boat and viciously downs the large chunks of tuna tied to a rope.

It's then that the shark goes towards the cage and disappears.

After a few moments, the shark shockingly appears inside the metal cage with the diver nowhere to be found.

However, once the shark escapes the cage, the diver miraculously appears and completely unharmed.

Ming Chan, the diver, told ABC News how he's counting his blessings.

”It happened so fast. The other divers just kept telling me how lucky I am,' Chan said.

The man who shot the video and posted to YouTube praised the diver and the crew for doing an outstanding job and keeping everyone out of harm's way.

"The boat owner, captain, and crew are to be commended for making what could've been a tragic event into a happy ending," the unidentified man said on the post.  "I'm sure God and luck had a bit to do with it too!"