Firefighter suffers heat exhaustion during house fire

Firefighter was at another event earlier in the day

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio firefighter suffered heat exhaustion during a house fire in the 11200 block of Woodridge Forest Saturday evening.

SAFD spokesman Woody Woodward said the firefighter was at another event earlier in the day and was one of the first ones to arrive at the Woodridge scene. They were immediately removed from the fire, and treated, Woodward said. The firefighter is expected to be okay.

Firefighters believe the fire started on the first floor then moved onto the second and a bit into the attic.

By the time crews arrived, Woodward said, the fire was "about ready to go pretty strong," so they withdrew from the house and battled it from the outside.

Firefighters do not yet know the cause of the fire. Woodward said the home was clear and no one else was hurt.

KSAT 12 spoke with a barefooted man who said he was renting a room in the home and was inside when it caught. The man, who did not want to be identified said he ran outside after hearing the alarm and seeing the flames.

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