Dog duct-taped, left for dead on side of road in Houston area

Injured dog taken to vet hospital, unclear if it will survive

SPRING, Texas – It was a disturbing discovery for Jana Nguwen on the side of a road in northwest Houston on Monday.

Nguwen, who spotted the dog, said, "My daughter was like, 'Mom there's a dog,' and I looked and the dog in between all the trash (was) laying there with duct tape and bleeding."  

The helpless German shepherd was found barely moving, and police said it was likely left for dead, KPRC-TV in Houston reported.

Nguwen flagged down an officer to help the scared dog, still shaken by the scene.

"Tried to help him and stuff, I was crying. It was really hard to see. Crying really bad," said Nguwen.

Officers also quickly made the scene to care for the dog and took her to the vet to be worked on. It's still unclear if she'll make it.

Sgt Christine Kendrick, with Pct 1 Constable's Office, said, "The status on this dog is pretty critical at this point. She's got some severe injuries. She's overheated."

Once cleared, the hopes are the dog nursed back to health and put up for adoption to a go to a good home.

A far cry from the horrific past this animal has already endured.

"I hope that she can find home and have a second chance. Not everyone is bad," said Nguwen.

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