Community comes together in prayer for family who lost parents in crash

WarHawks Youth Football and Cheer Organization hosted vigil after practice

SAN ANTONIO – A community came together Tuesday for the children of two parents who were killed in a car crash Saturday by an alleged drunken driver.

The WarHawks Youth Football and Cheer Organization took time out at their practice to host a prayer service for the family.

Jose and Priscilla Arias weren't able to take part in their football or cheer practice, but their presence was definitely noticed by their teammates, who were shaken by news of the crash that killed the siblings' parents.

Coaches say it has been a difficult time.

"I really couldn't believe what had happened, and then I felt really sad because it's the loss of two parents at the same time. I was really heartbroken for the children,” said Sarah Warren, WarHawks cheer coach.

After practice, the WarHawks hosted a special prayer service on their field. They were joined by neighboring football organizations, the Highlands High School football team and others, who were there to support the Arias family.

“We have had a lot of donations come in, however, we wanted to lift them up in prayer and let them know we are here,” said Adria Hall, with the WarHawks Youth Football and Cheer Organization.

The Arias family was moved by the hundreds of people who showed up.

“They are very overwhelmed with all the love that everybody in the community has shown, the love from the WarHawk family. They are just overwhelmed with whole situation, all the people that are coming forward to help the children,” said Marsha Avila, Arias family friend and spokesperson.

One of the children who survived the crash, Leslie, is scheduled to have surgery this week. She should be out of the hospital by Friday.

Anyone who would like to help can call the WarHawks Youth Football and Cheer Organization at 210-289-1244.

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