Security cameras stolen from West Side church

The People's House targeted for second time this year

SAN ANTONIO – After it was targeted by criminals earlier this year, a West Side church took steps to keep crime from happening again.

Despite the crime prevention measures, The People's House was burglarized a second time. This time, security cameras were stolen.

The security system provided images of at least one of the burglars, who Pastor David Rodriguez said stole the cameras from the church off Hamilton Avenue and Tampico Street.

"Whatever we have we give out to the community. If I got to eat rice and beans, my kids, we do that just to help people out," Rodriguez said. "So it kind of hurts when people come and steal when you're giving and giving."

Church operators spent Thursday afternoon clearing the brush next door in hopes of deterring crime. Rodriguez filed a police report. He wants the men he believes are responsible to know right from wrong.

"Don't take my kindness for weakness. It has to stop. Somebody has to put their foot down," Rodriguez said. "Yes, we need to love, but there also has to be respect. There has to be law and order."

Only one man was clearly caught on camera. As someone who says he was formerly addicted to drugs and alcohol, Rodriguez doesn't hold a grudge.

"We forgive you. We're not angry with you. If you need any help, please come on by. We can also help you and pray with you. If you're addicted to drugs and alcohol, we have a place we can send you," he said.

Rodriguez said church believe everyone deserves a chance.