North Side community targeted by vehicle burglars

Surveillance video shows people breaking into several cars

SAN ANTONIO – Neighbors living in a North Side gated community are on high alert after they say burglars have been targeting their vehicles in the last few weeks. Police confirmed it's been happening at the Oaks at Vista del Norte off Wurzbach Parkway.

Monica Harris moved to the Del Norte Vista community a month ago but is still getting some unwanted visitors. 

"He opened this side of the door and then he went into the middle section," Harris said pointing to surveillance video on her phone.

She was referring to a stranger who had a T-shirt pulled over his head and who appeared to be stealing from her car at 1:30 a.m. last week. 

"I couldn't tell but it looks like a high school kid," she said. 

She caught him on the surveillance camera she luckily set up just a few days before that. 

"When I got up to take my kids to school, I noticed that the middle console had been opened. So I looked back on the footage," she said.

She said he stole a gun from her driver's side door, but he didn't leave right away. 

The video showed while the one suspect rummaged through her car, another got inside her neighbor's truck. Then the video showed them trying to break into another neighbor's truck, but they were unsuccessful.

Harris usually locks her car, but admits after a hectic day with her kids last week, she forgot.

"Obviously, I feel violated and we're in a gated community so I would think it's a little bit safer but it's obvious there's a problem here because after this happened I started talking to my neighbors and found out several neighbors the week prior and the week prior to that had been broken into as well," Harris said.

The police report Harris filed shows on the same morning her car was burglarized, other vehicles in her community were broken into as well.

"If it happened a couple of weeks ago, and it happened just to me again, it's going to continue to happen until they get caught. So hopefully somebody can see their face or recognize their body or something," she said. 

Plus, she said, she won't be forgetting to lock her car door again.

Although some of the incidents involve unlocked vehicles, a family in the neighborhood told KSAT two weeks ago burglars shattered the window of their locked car to get inside. They filed a police report as well. 

Anyone with information about these burglaries is asked to call San Antonio police.

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